Rockwool/Mineral Wool


Made from bonded rock fibres. used for thermal and acoustic insulation of flat or curved surfaces. for application. under deck insulation , acoustic insulation, duct insulation, insulation over false ceiling, transport appliances, partitions and industrial insulation.

Operation Temp : Up to 750"C | Size : 1M * 0.5 M / 1M *0.6M

Density:48, 64, 96 &144Kg/m3 | Thickness: 50, 65, 75, & 100mm

Rockwool insulation refers to a type of insulation that is made from actual rocks and minerals. It also goes by the names of stone wool insulation, mineral wool insulation, or slag wool insulation. A wide range of products can be made from Rockwool, due to its excellent ability to block sound and heat.Rockwool insulation is commonly used in building construction, industrial plants, and in automotive applications.

To manufacture Rockwool, minerals and other raw materials are heated to about 2910°F (about 1600°C) in a furnace, through which a current of air or steam is blown. More advanced production techniques are based on rotating the molten rock at high speeds in a spinning wheel, in some ways resembling the way cotton candy is made. The finished product is a mass of very fine intertwined fibers, bound together with starch. Oil is also added during production to decrease the formation of dust.

The individual fibers of Rockwool Insulation are good conductors of heat on their own, but rolls and sheets of this insulation are highly efficient at blocking the transfer of heat. They are often used to prevent the spread of fire in buildings, due to their extreme high melting point. Rockwool used in insulation plays a significant in reducing the energy comsumed in both domestic and commercial sectors.