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Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass cloth. Made with latest technologies , the woven fiberglass cloth offers the perfect control over the thickness and weight of all types of fiberglass textiles.

With high tensile strength, the fiberglass cloth is very durable. As compared to steel wire of the same diameter, it has far greater tensile strength. It has comparatively very low elongation under load-3% or even less. It is known to provide superior dimensional stability under any testing conditions.

It has high heat resistance as it is equipped to retain about 50% of room temperature. Made with inorganic materials, it is incombustible and fire resistant. Having good thermal conductivity makes it very significant in electrical insulation applications.

The cloth is available in several designs and models. It is modified as per particular specification as well. The advanced cloth is used in a number of applications such as, electronics, commercial and construction, marine and recreation, filtration and more.

There are a variety of applications for industrial fabrics when weight, strength, and durability are important, and one common solution to these needs is fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass cloth is a strong and durable woven textile used mainly for industrial, non-apparel applications. Its unique set of valuable properties makes it ideal for many industrial uses, such as for the interiors of circuit boards and conveyor belts.

Fiberglass cloth is woven in various configurations from four basic weave patterns, called plain, leno, satin, and basket. Fiberglass cloth has numerous applications as thermal insulation, electrical insulation in the electronics industry, and even as a component in armor plating on Military vehicles, helmets, and aircraft carrier decks. Light-weight fiberglass cloths also provide a smooth finish and are ideal for producing a waterproof layer over wood or other surfaces, such as is needed in boat repair and other marine applications.

Perhaps the most notable quality of fiberglass cloth itself is its high tolerance of extreme heat. Another notable attribute of fiberglass fabric is its high tensile strength. At a much lower weight and cost, it has a greater tensile strength than steel wire of similar diameter. Also, fiberglass cloth is composed of inorganic materials, making it impervious to damage from sunlight, bacteria, or fungus of any kind.

Glass fibers are known to produce fabrics with excellent dimensional stability as well, meaning that fiberglass fabric stretches only very minimally under stress- usually about three percent or less. Like glass itself, fiberglass is highly resistant to most harsh industrial chemicals


  • Extremely durable
  • Fire resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Elongation under load-3% or even less
  • Applications
  • Electronics
  • Construction
  • Marine and Recreation
  • Filtration