Felt Application Chart-Typical Uses

Commercial Standard Grade 01

Bearing seals, ink roll, polishing, printing pads, lubricator wicks, and precision uses where high grade felt with good appearance and durability is required.

Commercial Standard Grade 02

Ball and roller bearing precision seals, strip wicks, industrial filters and uses requiring thin precision felt.

Commercial Standard Grade 03

Vibration mounts precision channels, oil seals, bumpers, gaskets, and lubricator wicks.

Commercial Standard Grade 04

Automotive, aircraft, machine components: Similar to 16R1 and 16R2, where lower quality is acceptable. Machinery pads and steel wiping applications.

Commercial Standard Grade 05

Gaskets, liners, bearing seals, where precision tolerances, life and quality are not as exacting.

Commercial Standard Grade 06

Lubricators, wipers, shock dampeners, where durable resiliant felt is required. Grease retainers, spacer strip seals, vibration mounts, weather strips, journal lubricators.

Commercial Standard Grade 07

Dust shields, oil and grease retainers; similar to 12R1 and 12R2 where a lower grade is acceptable.

Commercial Standard Grade 08

Antisqueak strips, antidrumming and insulation lining laminated to other materials.

Commercial Standard Grade 09

Fluid storage and delivery, resilient padding, plug filters for gas and air.

Commercial Standard Grade 10

Dryer drum seals, impregnated packing, insoles, insulation; oil, dust and mud shields. Chassis strips, spacers, dash liners, antisqueak strips and pads, sound deadening and acoustic uses.

Commercial Standard Grade 11

Grease and oil retention, protective lining and isolation for freight cars, trucks, dunnage, uses similar to 9R2 and 9R3 where less durability and lower grade felt is acceptable.

Commercial Standard Grade 12

Packing or padding when held between other materials; not recommended for mechanical use.