Fiberglass Waterproofing Cloth

Size : 1 Mtr x 50 Mtrs Roll


Glass fiber is a multi filament glass fiber with engineering properties, millions of fibers gel uniformly disperse in every part of mortar and develop micro secondary reinforcement (MSR) and making plaster crack free and durable


Plaster and other cement base construction application


It prevents micro shrinkage cracks, making the plaster inherently stronger millions of fiber support mortar in all dimensions and provide MSR

Glass fiber dispersed uniformly throughout cement sand mix; ensure better binding and anchoring of mortar

Glass fiber is user-friendly product easy to use and handle at construction site

Glass provides significant improvements for early age strengthened improve abrasion resistance

Glass protects sharp edges and corners of plaster from damage during plastic stage of mortar

Glass fiber reduces rebound loss and save mortar and labour cost

Glass fiber reduces permeability which helps prevent corrosion of steel and increase durability of building

Glass fiber reduces seepage, leakage and dampness of walls hence saving in repairing, repainting cost of building

Glass fiber also protects costly interior and furniture