Ceramic Wool Blanket

Ceramic Blanket is a refractory fiber needled mat made without binder from ceramic fibers-the only super-spun double needled fiber in the country today. Ceramic Blankets are stabilized and are suitable for use upto 1260" C and 1425°C respectively. Both blankets have excellent resistance to most chemicals. If wet by oil or water, their thermal and physical properties are fully restored upon drying. It is available in density of 64, 96 & 128 kg/m3.

Size: 7300 x 610mm, Thickness: 25 and 50mm

. They conform to IS :15402 & ASTM C 892.

Applications :-

• Annealing furnaces and glass kilns

• Reformers & Ducts in petrochemical Fertilizer and Boiler Linings Industry

• High temperature pipe insulation

• HRSG and staw ck linings

• Glass Furnace crown insulation

• Trundish Cover, Transfer cars in Steel Plants

• Soaking pit seals and expansion joint

• Kilns, kiln cars for Ceramic industry

• Annealing cover bottom seals

• Reusable insulation blankets for field stress relieving of welds

• Insulation blankets for steam and gas turbines and fire protection

• Insulation wrap on investment casting woulds

• Temporary repair of refractory furnace linings and roofs

• High temperature filter media gaskets

• Furnace door seals, linings and gaskets

• High Temperature Sound Absorption and Nuclear Insulation applications