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National Industrial Co is the leading supplier of Insulation, Acoustic, Packaging, Cushioning ,Padding, Acrylic Materials such as Felt & Felt Products , Glass wool, Rock wool, Ceramic Wool, Jute Felt, Polishing Buffs, XLPE , Nitrile Foam , Aluminium Fiberglass Coated Cloth , Synth wool , Nonwoven Felt ,Fiber Felt, Filter Fabrics , Filter Bags,Aluminium Bubble Sheets, Endless Felts , PVC Curtains, Polishing Kits , Anti Vibration Materials, Coir Sheets, Industrial Fabrics, Filter Cloth ,PUF Insulation, Acrylic Sheets , Foam Boards , PP Flute Board and other Industrial & Hardware Materials as per required specification and dimension.

Sound / Acoustic / Home Theatre / Studios Insulation Materials Glasswool & Glasswool Boards , Rockwool Slabs , Acoustic Eco Felt ,Synth wool , Acoustic Foams , Acoustic Sound Insulation Foams of various grades, Poly wool, Acoustic Pyramid Foam Sheets , Acoustic Fabrics and many more allied products.

Cold / HVAC / Air conditioning / Chillers Insulation Materials PUF Insulation Sheets , XLPE Foam , Nitrile Foam sheets and Hoses and tubes , PVC Curtains for Chillers ,Ducting Foam Tapes , Cloth , Aluminium Self Adhesive Tapes and all allied Products.

Felt & Felt Products used for various Industries for Sealing , Filtration , Lubrication , Polishing , Bearing Seals ,Component Polishing , Pad of Plating Machines ,Leather Buffing , Granite & Mirror Polishing, Concrete Slabs & Various other applications available as per your specifications and diagrams as per all international specification AS , IS , GOST , DIN etc

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Foams ( Padding)

Filters + PTFE Coated Fabrics

(Industrial Air /Oil / Chemical Filter Cloth )

All kinds of Foam and Foam Products for various industrial and commercial application for padding and Filtration of Air and water and various kinds of other applications available as per your specification and Diagrams.


Our prime objective is to win the trust and confidence of the customers by supplying top quality products. In our company, emphasis is laid on quality control at all levels, with a final check of all our products prior to dispatch. This effectively assists us in meeting the high quality standards required by our customers with on time delivery.

Strong Tie Ups with Manufacturers

We have built strong tie-ups with leading manufacturers that has enabled us to provide the best quality products to our esteemed clients.

Our Customer Care

We believe that the customer is the soul of any business and very purpose of existence. We not only provide a good product but also an excellent service.

Our Adherence To Time Schedules

Time is a crucial factor in today's business environment. We have all the resources to complete assignment in time and deliver them within the stipulated time.


Heat / Thermal / Boilers Insulation Materials Glasswool , Rockwool , Ceramic Wool , Fiberglass Cloths, Ceramic Wool Sheets Cloth , Aluminium Insulation Cloths & Paper and Bubble Sheets , Pipe Sections and all other allied materials.

We are one of the well-known wholesale suppliers of Insulating materials, Acoustic & Packaging, Padding materials such as Glasswool, Rock Wool, Ceramic Wool, Jute felt, Woollen Felt, Felt pads, Felt Rolls for Anti vibration & Sound absorption packing, oil grease seals, window channel packing, dust collection, embossing & plating pads, luminary wicks and filtration materials.

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