Felt Oil Seals

Felt seals are mainly used as oil or grease seals for retaining lubrication and at the same time preventing dirt or dust entering the bearing

Felt has long been used for sealing duties because of numerous favorable properties such as wicking and oil absorption properties, fine filtering and resilience. This allows the felt to maintain a constant sealing pressure and as the seal wears the felt surface remains unchanged.

Felt seals are usually pre-saturated with lubricants of a higher viscosity than the bearings offering positive bearing protection. If the seal does run dry it will tend to protect and polish the shaft rather than cause damage. Through normal operating temperatures and conditions the felt seal is highly economical, normally requiring replacement when the machine is overhauled.

Felt Seals are not suitable for oils with extremely low viscosity or the lubricant is pressurised.

Where application demands high qualities of compression, elasticity, resistance to ageing and wear, high absorption and low abrasion, woollen or blended wool felts are usually specified.

Within each density range, stock many qualities, each has specific features and numerous finishes are available. We will be pleased to advise you on request.

Standard Bearing Sizes Strips for Seals are

1. 6mm to 60 mm Square strips of 260mm, 330mm, 460mm, 1000mm or more Length and also made as per your required sizes.

2. Felt Rings as per your inner and outer diameter and thickness

OD x ID x Thickness.


1)Felt oil seals is good at oilproof and dust proof.

1)NBR material features low cost but high performance

2)Its main lip is with high tensile strenth and stable performance.

3)High temperature resistant,up to 110 c.

4)Excellent resistant to almost fluid, include oil,grease,water,glycol base fuids

5)Good shock resistant and tear resistant

1.Main lip

Our main lip is durable and elastic,have many types of oil drive-back thread,the sealing edge contats around the shaft surface tightly in order to provide excellent sealing performance,when oil seals working,it can be placed under various stresses, good performance to generate force to keep the sealing edge consistently in contact with the shaft under such stresses

2.Dust lip

The double lip oil seals have dust lip,which prevents the dust and contaminants from outside environment,our dust lip also can retain grease in the space between main lip and dust lip.

3.OD surface

We have virous types of OD surface,it help seals fitted tightly into the housing and prevents the oil leakage through fitting house,we can make the OD surface rubber or metal,or half rubber half metal,depending on your application.


We have springs with many tension of diffierent performance,and material can be carbon steel or stainless steel.The spring provide the tension between shaft and main lip to ensure tight contact and enhanced sealing performance. the spring also can prevents the deterioration of main lip that caused by corrosion,high temperature or others.

5.Metal case

We produce the metal case by ourself,we have ten punchers.The metal case provides rigidity on oil seal,helping it to fix on the housing securely.