What is Felt?


Felt is Nonwoven Compressed fabric where Wool fibers are entangled with each other as Heat , Moisture , Friction / Pressure is applied on them .

All Wool shrinks and entangle itself more and more with other wool fibers as Heat, Moisture , Friction / Pressure is applied on them resulting what is called felt .

For Example : Any Woollen Sweater is continuously washed with Hot water it will start to shrink and felt .

Any Wool can be felted . We should use Carded Wool for making felt . The best quality for making felt is Merino .

History of Felt

Felt is one of the oldest fabric known to man . It was discovered when some Wool was placed inside the foot covering . As the man walked the heat of atmosphere combined with the friction / pressure of his footsteps and the moisture produced by his sweat the Wool started to shrink and became wool felt .