Felt Wheels

Wool Felt Wheels & Rings have a reputation for out performing all other polishing materials till date. It has the ability to accept all types of polishing compound and slurries hence a unique example being an "ideal friend" of polishing materials. Wool Felt has definite advantages over other synthetic wheels due to its inherent characteristics. The success story is as follows :

Abrasive particles gets evenly distributed in the capillaries of felt, and as a result, evenly polish the required surface.

Sheep wool being one of the best resilient materials among natural fibres helps felt to polish every surface. It holds the desired edges and shape throughout the life of wheel.

As felt wears, new surface has identical medium of polishing compound as felt surface doesn't get glazed.

The ability to machine felt to close tolerances makes it possible to offer the exact felt profile required to match the profile of required part.

Less downtime on machine in comparison to built up wheels, during replacement.

Polishing Felt is available in various shapes, sizes and hardness made out of 100% fine micron sheep wool. Hardness is normally categorized in three densities. 0.50 GM/C3. (soft) 0.60 GM/C3. (medium) & 0.70 GM/C3. (Hard)

Wool Felt Wheels and Rings are used for Polishing, Buffing & Scratch removing on a wide variety of surfaces such as metals, plastic, marble, granite & glass. Polishing Felt cannot polish by themselves but they are efficient carriers of abrasive particles.

Felt Rings are extensively used in on the final section of beveling machines to polish the frosted surface of beveled glass to an optically clear finish.

For buffing, the most commonly used compounds are

S.S. Compound, and Emery paste.

For polishing, the Wool Felt wheel is headed with abrasive grain beginning from 120 grit to finer grit using hide glue or cement as matrix

Technique of production:

Technology is the same as industry felt, the density is higher than industry felt. By using high temperature to stimulate wool scale to make it cross each other,then dring,ironing and milling to form.

Characteristic of felt wheels:

Good wearability to make polished goods clean and bright

To use with polishing liquid,polishing paste,polishing powder at the same time to reach better effect.

Be used by plane and side


To polish glass, glass utensils,crystal,marble,jadeware,furniture

To polish stainless steel plate, stainless steel parts,big shaped stainless steel crafts

To polish plastic outer covering, electronic component?

For auto polishing