PUF Insulation

PUF Sheets
Foam emerged as a material with extremely effective thermal insulation qualities and high
strength to weight ratio at low temperatures. These inherent physical characteristic enable it to perform extremely well with other alternatives products Rigid insulation, minimum 95% closed cells, remains durable for years, no thermal bridges, high mechanical strength. maintains insulation effectively.
Our scarce natural energy resources have compelled us to save energy.

We offer our clients with the high quality puf sheets which are very useful for their thermal insulation purposes. The Puf sheets we offer comes with the followingspecifications:

Test Measured Value Unit
Density 36(+/-2) Kg/m3
DIN 53420

Temperature Range 
- 110° C to +110° C

Compressive Strength
(At 10% Compression)
1.5 - 2
DIN 53421

Water absorption (24hrs) 1.9 Vol.% DIN 52615
Closed Cells
>90 %
Dimensional Stability
(-30°C) (+8O°C)
Max 0.1% to Max 0,2%

Thermal Conductivity
At 10°C
0,020 to 0.02
DIN 52612