Benefits of Glasswool & Rockwool

•Glasswool and rockwool make a significant
contribution to ensuring safe workplaces by
• Efficient thermal insulation, reducing energy
consumption, protecting personnel from hot
surfaces, and by reducing fluctuations of
temperature in buildings, creating a safer work
environment, whilst improving personal
comfort and efficiency.
• Excellent acoustic insulation, reducing noisepollution and providing a safer workplace
environment in areas where noise could cause
hearing damage, whilst improving personal
comfort and privacy in the work or home
• Firesafe - 4 zeros rating to AS1530.3. Rockwool
is incombustible and can be used as a fire
barrier in certain applications, protecting
personnel or the public in case of fire. Some
glasswool products may also pass this more
stringent AS1530.1 nonnon-combustibility test, but
petrochemical or paper based products fail.
• No absorbtion of moisture from the atmosphere
and a neutral pH, no risk of harmful chemicals
leaching from the product or corrosion.
• Light weight, easy to install and won't settle
over time.
• Proven long term insulation performance - and
the most cost effective.
• Safe use based on extensive medical research