Lint Free Wipes

These ISO 4 Class 10 clean room polyester wipes are completely free of lint or fibre
This new size is designed for OEM Manufacturing, precision engineering, lab and medical
4 edge machine cut and sealed preventing lint and fibre contamination
Made from 100% polyester continuous filament fibre, making them durable, soft and engineered tear resistant
This lint free cloth Contains no silicone or binders to contaminate surfaces
Cut pieces to eliminate fibre debris from a roll. Packed in dust free pouches and then into carton boxes

Color : white
Weight: 120,150 and 180 gsm
Standard sizes: 30 X 40 cms, 30 x 30 cms,30 X 21 cms, 27.5 X 27.5 cms Or as required by the customer

Areas used:
Nano manufacturing
Research and development labs
Electronics – Micro chip, antenna etc